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CH RobCary's You Rock My World
Sobe x Satin grandson.  Now retired and living the life of luxury with Julie.

Rocko’s Story:

I have always loved Poms and in the past I’ve raised 2 Poms from puppies.  As cute as puppies are, the training is non stop.  About a year and a half ago my heart longed for another, but I really didn’t want to go through the hassle of raising another puppy.  I know Caryl through Rob Cary, as we boarded and groomed our dogs there in the past.  I knew she raised beautiful Poms and cared for them immensely.  After looking into local “puppy mills”, I knew the only person in town to call was Caryl.  I asked if she had any little ones she might be adopting and she happened to have one or two.  She introduced me to Rocko!  He jumped into my lap right away and gave me kisses and the rest is history!  He was 2 ˝ years old at the time.  He came potty trained, leash trained and crate trained.  He has been my pride and joy and my little buddy now for almost 2 years.  Caryl and I speak from time to time almost like a loving grandma asking how her grandkids are doing.  If I ever have a question, she is always there to help.  Her Poms are sweet, beautiful, loving and come from the best home a dog could come from. 

Julie  M.


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